100% All Natural Hand Harvested Sea Salt – straight from the ocean to your table – Taste the difference real sea salt makes !

You can now find our salts at Cape Ann Olive Oil and Cape Ann Museum in Gloucester, Googans Galley in Essex, Lula’s Pantry in Rockport, Appleton Farm Store in Ipswich, Crane River Cheese Club in Boston, Sienna Farms South End store in Boston and the Lexington Community Farm Store in Lexington – look for more stores in 2024!

As the 2024 Farmers Market Season approaches we’ll let you know where to find us at the markets as well!

100% All Natural Hand Harvested Sea Salt

Order online to pick up locally at 20 Maplewood Ave Gloucester MA 10am to 5pm Monday – Friday

We hand harvest pure Cape Ann ocean waters to make our solar evaporated all natural sea salt
(Photography: Craig Kimberley)

From the Ocean to Your Table

We are an artisanal sea salt company located in Rockport, on Cape Ann, Massachusetts. All our salts are solar dried right here on Cape Ann, we never use fossil fuels to evaporate our hand harvested sea water and we never add preservatives or artificial ingredients. With pure ocean water, a little patience, gentle ocean breezes and a good dose of sunshine we produce a beautiful finishing salt that will enhance any food you use it on. In addition to our “Pure” salt we also have unique flavorful blends to choose from. You don’t need to use a lot of our gourmet finishing salt to add a lot of flavor. We hope you enjoy eating this salt as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Embracing the Sun: The Delightful Journey of Artisanal Solar Dried Sea Salt from Cape Ann Sea Salt Co.

In a world where culinary enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals seek authenticity and purity in their ingredients, artisanal sea salt stands out as a beacon of natural goodness. And when it comes to harnessing the power of the sun to craft this culinary gem, few methods rival the charm and benefits of solar drying, particularly in places like Cape Ann.

Cape Ann, nestled along the rugged coastline of Massachusetts, boasts a rich maritime history and an ideal environment for artisanal sea salt production. Here, the marriage of tradition and innovation culminates in the creation of solar salts, a testament to the region’s commitment to sustainable practices and premium quality, exemplified by the Cape Ann Sea Salt Co.

So, what sets solar dried sea salt from Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. apart?

First and foremost, it’s the process itself. Solar drying involves harnessing the abundant energy of the sun to slowly evaporate seawater, leaving behind delicate crystals of pure salt. This method not only preserves the natural minerals and flavors present in the ocean but also minimizes the carbon footprint associated with traditional salt production techniques.

The result? A pristine, handcrafted product that captures the essence of the sea in every grain. Artisanal sea salt from Cape Ann Sea Salt Co., produced through solar drying, boasts a complexity of flavor and texture that simply cannot be replicated by mass-produced alternatives. Each crystal carries a subtle brininess and a hint of mineral richness, elevating dishes from mundane to extraordinary with just a sprinkle.

But the benefits extend beyond the culinary realm. Solar dried sea salt from Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. offers a sustainable alternative to conventional salt production, reducing reliance on energy-intensive processes and minimizing environmental impact. By harnessing the power of sunlight, Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. not only creates a superior product but also contributes to the preservation of our planet for future generations.

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